Moments of Beauty


This painting is on watercolor paper 20×19. It is done with  a mixed of media colors.

I was taken by the beauty of daffodils and a bouquet given to me by a friend plus my own flowers. The daffodils barely survived a frost. However, the moment of beauty remains .

Fields of Beauty


This painting is a mixed media work on watercolor paper. Wet in wet is the chosen method. I used various acrylic paints, including fluid acrylics.

The painting was inspired by new fields of flowers that are so welcomed after such a long winter. I feel ingorated by the beauty of the Spring.

Will be working on a series of abstract flowers.

Silver and Gold – Connections


This painting is a mixed media creation. I use two of my favorite paints, silver and gold . Then I place tissue paper on the painting to give it texture.

I  made some new art friends and connected with some like minded friends. A very wonderful connection this was.

The painting can be turned upside down.

Mountain Nights One and Two


These eight by eights on canvas are presently on exhibit in the Women in the Arts Foundation show in Asheville,NC. The paintings are on canvas but I covered the canvas with a cloth and then painted on the cloth with acrylic and inks. There are two more in similar sizes  companions to these two. They are beautifully framed by a local framer in goldish color frame.

As I often sit out at night on beautiful mountain nights, I was inspired by the beauty and intrigue by the night.

A Wonderful Day


A sequel. Another little painting. A wonderful day. Prismacolor takes the day.



Another play day that makes a wonderful day. Small paintings with prismacolor pencils.

A Play Day


This is a very small mixed media painting  playing with stencils. Gesso was put on the piece of mixed media paper and then as I went I added color using various stencils. I did a series which I will post each day. Just having fun with colors.

A Happy Visit


This painting is 6×6 and I intended it as a card, but I think it will make a nice small work. The media is prismacolor pencils. I like their brilliancy and  cleanliness of the medium.

The piece is entitled a Happy Visit.  The bright colors are a way to express the pleasure of the occasion. I was visited by a relative that I had not seen in 40 years. Alas,she is utterly delightful and the time that passed seems to have vanished and it feels as if we had seen each other frequently. Life does bring us pleasant surprises.



As the date of the show approaches, I thought I would post this collge 11×10. The show is Women in the Arts of NYC in Asheville,NC and runs the month of April. Should you be in the area, go to the River District building 310 at 191 Lyman St., Asheville,NC. You are sure to love the small works show.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


I don’t often have green paintings, but here is a little with green. May we all celebrate this beautiful day.

Works on paper by Silvia


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