A Little Lightness


Dear Friends of my blog,

Perhaps you have noticed my absence of postings. I have been having computer problems, but am back now. This work is small on wood with oil and cold wax.

Woodland Dance No. 2


Framed in an 8×10 wooden frame with a black border, this is another oil and wax painting.

Woodland Dance


This is a very small painting 4×4 done on a wooden board with oil and wax plus glitter. Reminded me of a dance.

The turn around of Life.


Another oil and wax painting. Am totally taken with the medium.



This is a painting done in oil and wax, a wonderful technique I keep on practicing. One can achieve some subtle colors and proves a wonderful way to make texture paintings.

Soleil Brillante


This work is done on canvas with cold wax. The sun was brightly shining behind the piece as I dried it and thus the name. Framed on an 8×10 .



This painting is one with exceptional personal meaning. It is hard to find the appropriate title forit. Painted on canvas with acrylic metallic paints.


What Remains


This is another painting on canvas with cold wax.

As the summer ends and the flowers have finished delighting us, I felt that the little bits of color that remains are still beautiful.

Enchanted Garden


This painting is on canvas using oil and cold wax. I  am crazy about this technique, perhaps you can tell.

The painting went through several  changes and the final product reminded me of a garden.


Color and Texture is a work with multimedia with mutli layers on canvas. It was a rework which is now heavily textured with bits of gold leaf.. .


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