This small painting is done with gold leaf which has been painted with acrylics. The real painting is beautifully gold like color. I called it refuge as it looks like a butterfly has taken a rest on a sunny glittery day .

All That Glitters


This painting took a while to get done. I am into gilding. Have used a lot of golf leaf which I painted with acrylics. It was an elaborate process. The painting shines beautifully which is the idea. Enjoy it.


A Bouquet for the USA


Happy Fourth of July friends here and abroad. Here is to a celebration of freedom and happiness. Enjoy this multimedia bouquet.



This small painting was done with acrylic inks on wet paper. I am dreaming of waves because I miss the ocean so much. Just another fantasy.

A Flight of Butterflies

100_4245 (2)

Afternoon post: This is a collage work. I return to my desire to collage. Found some cloth, cut, place Angelina fiber on the canvas after having given the background a lot of layers. I am missing my butterflies this year because my butterfly plants have died. I am remembering the many butterflies that were over the trees getting the nectar so delightful to them. Enjoy a fantasy.

Tricolor Moment


This small painting is part of a series of small paintings I have been doing. The media used is acrylic inks. I love the fluidity of the ink on wet paper.

A few lines finished the painting. It was one of those moments when life seems perfect. It helps to have a painter friend come paint with me some times. He is a gifted painter  and a good friend. Moments such as these are treasured and this small paintings represents that feeling.

Letting Go


This is a multi media painting with lines in white ink. Letting go is the feeling here. Abandon will be another. Just in love with color.In love with painting, art, and abstract. Went back to the line, a favorite art tool of mine.

Magnifique Giverny


This painting is based on the beautiful gardens of Giverny, France. This is Monet’s garden which was photographed by a neighbor of mine who went to France and visited the gardens. He is an excellent photographer and made a tape he shared with me. Of course, being the lover of flowers that I am, I just had to paint a rendition of some of the scenes on the DVD .

The painting is a mixed media collage.


Color Ledge


This painting is reworked and cut from a larger one. Thought the composition would be more interesting. As usual the colors are my favorite ones.

I had a good painting day yesterday with a friend and it was a happy day. The painting reflects this feeling, I hope. The painting is done on paper with fluid acrylics and lines in pastel.

A Magical Moment


Done on Rice paper with acrylics and a touch of gold. One of those rare magical moments in the studio.


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