Color and Texture is a work with multimedia with mutli layers on canvas. It was a rework which is now heavily textured with bits of gold leaf.. .

River of Gold

100_4435 Another project with gold leaf.

100_4465Colorful  swirl. Multimedia work.

Golden Afternoon

100_4464 A gilding work. After a fun afternoon painting, I felt like the sun was shining in my heart.

Wheels of Life


Redoing an old effort. It took me all day to feel like tackling this painting, but finally think I like it. The painting required some adjustment in colors and shapes. The theme is the changing nature of life that we have all experienced.



Another painting in the galaxy range.

In The Galaxy


The title is a bit lofty, but the feelings of togetherness in this painting especially the day after it was painted, is other worldly. The painting in person is very illuminated giving it a galactic feeling. Thanks, friend.

A Fond Memory


This is a watercolor painting. 15×9. I came upon this view on a walk a long time ago and it stayed in my memory.

Double Pleasure

100_4447100_4450 A pair achieved with refracting line . Plexiglass over acrylic.

For Love Of Pleasure and Color


Here I am using a new media and technique I am learning from my friend Z. This is using oil and wax, an ancient technique.

The title is derived from the experience painting this painting.


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