Living In Harmony


Although it is customary to blog about one’s painting alone, I thought I would share this trio of paintings with you. The top right is by my talented painting friend, Z Kollat and the other two are mine. The paintings are hanging together on my dining room area. Z paints in oils and I in acrylics. The painting on the right is one I will blog separately later. Enjoy this painting with friends effort. View Z’s work at

Warm Moods


This painting is part of a trio of 20x16s. The painting is done with interference colors and as before they are holographic. That is as you move positions you see the color change somewhat. Then the lines were painted an some interference  gold was paintings around the black paint. I have two others to publish.

The painting reflects a very happy mood.



There are certain experiences in life that uplift one. Actually they lift consciousness to another level. I have had such experiences lately.

This painting reflects the mood and it is on canvas 30×24. I have been working with interference colors and the painting has to be seen in person as it were in order to see the holographic effects that the interference colors produce. Enjoy.

Some Dreams


This painting was inspired by tender feelings and feelings of dreams that may,although pleasant, never come to pass. The painting is on paper with a lot of  media. I glued in some rice paper and finished the painting with more colors. It is to be a 16×20 in size with black frame.

Magical Times


Enjoy this painting done with metallic gold leaf on  canvas. It has multimedia layers. Interesting to see what you see in this painting.

Warm Feelings


There is nothing like painting with a friend, especially an artist friend, of course. Somehow the presence inspired me deeply . The painting has gone through various phases. It has several mediums. The purple color is significant in this case. Thanks, friend Z. Look up his paintings at

Happy Birthday, Darling No. 1


I painted three paintings which I have posted today to celebrate my husband’s birthday. This one is on canvas 20×20. It uses a great deal of  texture and has many layers of paint. I also imprinted objects on the washes.

Happy Birthday Series 2


Here is the second painting. This one is on paper with gel medium and inks.

Happy Birthday, Darling


To celebrate a birthday of my husband, I have painted a series of three. This one on paper with pourings in acrylic…

Storms Quieted


This is a square painting on deep canvas 20×20. I reworked this painting to use my new techniques with metals. It has a lot of iridescent medium, silver,also has hints of gold paint and pourings.


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