Sea Caves

Another collaboration in oil and wax on wooden board100_5480


A work on canvas paper with oil and wax in partnership .100_5481

Of Meadows and Dreams

An oil and wax on wooden board. It is a total fantasy inspired by the local scenes.100_5479


Outburst is an oil and wax painting on wooden board.100_5475

Celestial Visions

Celestial Visions is a work on paper with collage and cold wax100_5473


Rugged is a work on paper with cold wax.100_5472

Small Jewels

100_5470A multi media collab A small jewel.

Fantasy Garden

An oil and wax collaboration with my partner done on paper.100_5467

Moments Cherished

Mo100_5466-001ments Cherished is in my new medium with re-inkers, acrylics and acrylic gels.

A New Way

A New Way is the title of this painting. It is done on canvas with gesso and then using re-inkers with glazes.100_5464


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