Fun With Metallics

100_4779 A layer of gesso was spread on the support. Then several layers of fluid acrylics we added and lines with pastel.

Pour Toi on a Snowy Day

100_4831 This painting is a 22×15 on watercolor paper. It was done quickly using techniques generally used for oil and cold waxd

Blue Moods

100_4827This is aa rework collage piece in oil and wax.  .

Dreaming in Technicolor

100_4810OIl and wax with pearlescents.


100_4809OIl and Wax with pearlescents.

Purple and BLues- Happy together.

100_4808 A large   fluid acrylic painting. larger than unusual 37×26.


DSCN1591OIl and wax. Deviating from the usual . Jst one of those moments.

Pictures at My Exhibition

100_4797This painting is done in oil and wax but varying the technique to use mineral oils and then pearlescent powders and creating a wet in wet effect with shiny surfaces given by the pearlescent powder..


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