Garden Friends

100_5151 While walking  in my garden I came upon these two beauties of the morning and saw these two color flowers as if talking in perfect harmony. I photographed them and  rendered the scene in watercolors.

Purple Beauties

100_5150 A watercolor on canvas paper.

Magical Universe

100_5147In collaboration with my partner friend zk, this oil and wax on panel was our creation.


100_5134A watercolor.

Upon A Garden Walk

100_5127 A watercolor on canvas paper.

Times To Come

100_5114 A work on canvas paper with fluid acrylics wet into wet.

Violet Desire

100_5113On canvas paper , watercolors.

Yellow Desire

100_5112 On canvas paper, fluid acrylics and watercolors.


100_5091A wet on wet watercolor .


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