Yupo Fantasy

100_5027This painting is done on yupo paper and I enjoy working on this media with fluid acrylics.

Dreaming Awake

100_5022 A collaboration once more with zk. OIl and wax painting on panel.


100_5021Another collaboration with my friend zk. OIl and Wax

They Move With The Wind

100_5014 Inspired by the beautiful Spring days, A work in watercolors wet in wet.

New Horizons

100_5013An oil and wax on panel board painting.

Blue Mist

100_5011 An oil and wax on panel board.

A Graceful Gesture

100_5012 Another piece with my kind friend zk. OIl and wax. See paintings by zk at zk43.wordpress.com

The blues unchased

100_5010Another collaboration with my painting partner Z, An oil and wax work. See zk43.wordpress.com for more beautiful and interesting oil and wax works

1400 Hours

100_5009An oil and wax painting in collaboration with my painting partner zk. View more of zk’s painting at zk43 wordpress.

A Good Day

100_5006A collage with tissue paper and gelli plate images.


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