Purple, Turquoise and Pink Song

an oil and wax painting.100_4932


100_4924An oil and wax painting. How it may look .

Sea Dreams

100_4921 An oil and wax painting with pearlescent details.


100_4922An oil and wax painting with pearlescent powders.


An oil   and wax with pearlescent powders. 100_4919-007


100_4918 This is a collage in fluid acrylics and printed papers.It expresses the passage of time and the ephemeral nature of life.

Ensuenos de colores (Living off Dreams in colors)

100_4913Living off dreams, a fluid acrylics and pastels.

Cancion en Rosado y Verde (Pink and Green Song)

100_4912Music and the arts make my life beautiful and I am expressing it in this painting done with oil and wax.

A la Parranda

100_4906This painting is a fluid acrylics  with pastels . It expresses the love of Cuban popular music and the title refers to a particular part of a carnival called parranda. It also means to go partying and dancing till all hours of the night thus ir a la parranda is the phrase to use when  engaging in this delightful activity/ . .


100_4906A statement in mixed media with fluid acrylics and pastels measuring 30×30


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