Orange Music

100_3290 Continuing to feel under the spell of a festive occasion, I  evoked my feelings in music. Follow the parade. Keep spirits up.

Personally I am almost at  100 posts . Will be there this week. It has been a seven or eight month journey which I have enjoyed. More to come to the finish.


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About silvia

I am an experimental abstract artist. I have been painting for many years and show at Village Framer in Waynesville, NCI have been in many juried shows and have a solo be featured in the coming . I am represent a gallery in Waynesville,NC, Please click to view more paintings and/or purchase art. I also give classes in experimental art at a local gallelry, Mountain home , Waynesville,NC. I exhibit through Art Quench Galleries in Sun Valley, Calif. and through Contemporary FIne Arts International as well as through my word press blog. I recently won recognition in an Orlando, Fla. library show given by Women In The Arts .

2 responses to “Orange Music”

  1. rlte says :

    Thanks once more for your visits. Am so honored by your visits. Your art is stunning. Congrats on your sale. Way to go. Rlte

  2. rlte says :

    Thanks for your visits and liking my two new posts. Rlte

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