Passing the Day


Here is a painting done with abandonment and relaxation. Rather rare if the truth be known for me. It is done in my favorite style, wet in wet with acrylic inks and a bit of watercolor paint. A few black lines while wet and the little painting is finished. Enjoy and have a great relaxing Memorial Day.


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About silvia

I am an experimental abstract artist. I have been painting for many years and show at Village Framer in Waynesville, NCI have been in many juried shows and have a solo be featured in the coming . I am represent a gallery in Waynesville,NC, Please click to view more paintings and/or purchase art. I also give classes in experimental art at a local gallelry, Mountain home , Waynesville,NC. I exhibit through Art Quench Galleries in Sun Valley, Calif. and through Contemporary FIne Arts International as well as through my word press blog. I recently won recognition in an Orlando, Fla. library show given by Women In The Arts .

10 responses to “Passing the Day”

  1. prewitt1970 says :

    Gosh I admire your work so much, this piece again is so very reflective of Juan Miro whom I treasure as a painter. The freedom in this piece is highly evident. Love it.
    Do take care my dear friend I hope your well these days.

    • rlte says :

      Thanks so much for your visit and comment. I appreciate it coming from a wonderful painter such as you are. I do enjoy your daily commentaries. They are interesting. You are going through a lot of physical pain. Am so happy that you have art which offers a measure of compensation perhaps. I go through some fairly agonizing times when I don’t have enough time to create. I like Miro’s paintings but actually have seen very few. I probably ought to get a book about him and study it.As I said it appears that my best work comes unexpectedly. If I plan too much or arrange too much ahead of time, I don’t like the product as well. Take care too, dear Ben. You have a lot to offer. Keep on writing your journals. I will keep reading your publications. Your friend,Silvia


    • rlte says :

      Hi Ben, Thanks for all your creative expression comments. It is wonderful to hear from you this way.You are as good with the word as with paint. Also thanks for your comments and visits which mean a lot. Appreciate you taking of your creative time to write to me. I am well and enjoying the Spring. We have had a lot , lot of rain. We are over 12 inches above the normal. The vegetation is luscious and the flowers, rhodendrons, in gorgeous colors of purple, light purple, white, pink with accompaniment of fields of irises in various colors. Along there are little fields of yellow flowers and daisies. It is good to experience nature. Have a good holiday, my friend. Best wishes always,Silvia


  2. rlte says :

    Thanks Dawn for your visit. I went to Fine Art America and liked Farm Gate and others. Some beautiful work.

  3. rlte says :

    Thanks for your comments, Mary and Marinao

  4. rlte says :

    Love your new work, Marina. You are so creative. Rlte

  5. ĽAdelaide says :

    good evening Silvia,
    finally i’m getting out and about a bit more. these recent paintings of yours are all different from each other yet all show your undoubtable style. i love them all. this one is probably one of my faves for the design… i love something about it. it’s gorgeous! hoping life is treating you well, dear one.

    • rlte says :

      Hi Linda, Good to hear from you and that you are feeling better. Great. Thanks also for your kind words about my recent painting. I had a period of turning out painitings I didn’t like. Normally, the low period comes in the Winter , but this time it happened in late Spring this year.Thanksfully, I am beginning to renew my interest and am turning out some more decent work. I always like your paintings and your writings, including poetry and music.Thanks for sharing those with us. Happy week-end. Stay well. Love,Silvia


  6. Rosemary says :

    Yes, carefree and I agree with Ben re a Miro influence. I don’t see the size but hope this is a larger piece?

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