Nocturne No. 5


This painting has now finished my gallery at home above the staircase. The painting is a watercolor on paper and is framed with a black frame. Measures 18×24.The method sed was my favorite, and I think, my best technique, wet in wet. I actually undertook the painting of this piece toward evening and that is why the name. Any resemblance with leaves is purely coincidental and the viewer may choose to see it with realism in mind. I like to stay with abstract which is how I conceived it.


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About silvia

I am an experimental abstract artist. I have been painting for many years and show at Village Framer in Waynesville, NCI have been in many juried shows and have a solo be featured in the coming . I am represent a gallery in Waynesville,NC, Please click to view more paintings and/or purchase art. I also give classes in experimental art at a local gallelry, Mountain home , Waynesville,NC. I exhibit through Art Quench Galleries in Sun Valley, Calif. and through Contemporary FIne Arts International as well as through my word press blog. I recently won recognition in an Orlando, Fla. library show given by Women In The Arts .

11 responses to “Nocturne No. 5”

  1. prewitt1970 says :

    Silvia that is absolutely beautiful, very well done.
    Happy Sunday my friend

    • rlte says :

      Hi Ben, Thanks for your comment . I appreciate it very much. I read all your emails, enjoy your joys and suffer your pain. You have a gift for writing as well as painting. I wish you luck with your upcoming exhibits.  I think about you at your young age and all the suffering you are going through, however, I think you do so well to keep creating your beautiful work.   Good luck always , best, Silvia


  2. Carla Saunders says :

    Oh dear I have been away too long! Lots of new paintings here. I like the strong color and the strong darks also . I have a hard time doing straight watercolor. I’ve been painting small sketches of food brought home from the farmers market but I end up drawing on them with a stick dipped in India ink! I have a book title for you but it’s at the studio. Actually someone in the building has ut

    • Anonymous says :

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your comment.
      Send me the book title when you can. Like your sketches, too. Rlte

  3. burgessart says :

    Love this one Silvia… traveling through space.

  4. artveronica says :

    Thank you and congratulations to you on your feature in Northern Lights!
    Your work is so cool. Or would that be hot!! It’s great.

    • rlte says :

      Hi Veronica, Thanks so much for your visits to my blog and comments. I am happy you deem me worth of being in Northern Lights, but, I wonder if that is a mistake and is someone else’s art. I have not been contacted by that publication. Would be fun if they put a painting of mine without my knowing, though. Best and keep up the good work, Silvia


  5. ĽAdelaide says :

    Good morning, Silvia,
    I have this in my email and was so struck by it’s soft beauty. It is lovely the way you put color together and create something so soothing. much love, dear heart. XO

  6. rlte says :

    Thanks so much Doronart for your visit and comments. Rlte

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