Noches de Amor


Work 10×10 in oil and cold wax.


About silvia

I am an experimental abstract artist. I have been painting for many years and show at Village Framer in Waynesville, NCI have been in many juried shows and have a solo be featured in the coming . I am represent a gallery in Waynesville,NC, Please click to view more paintings and/or purchase art. I also give classes in experimental art at a local gallelry, Mountain home , Waynesville,NC. I exhibit through Art Quench Galleries in Sun Valley, Calif. and through Contemporary FIne Arts International as well as through my word press blog. I recently won recognition in an Orlando, Fla. library show given by Women In The Arts .

8 responses to “Noches de Amor”

  1. burgessart says :

    Love this one…….would love to see it BIG!

  2. rlte says :

    Yes, I do. Some times though I can’t paint the same painting exactly the same way but perhaps a version using the same colors.

  3. zabstract says :

    I really think you got it right with this piece. It leave alot to the imagination. the red is rich and dark enough to make the piece. the color is more than enough to over ride any shape criteria. well done teach.

  4. Zara Ellis says :

    Simply beautiful Silvia. Trust all is well with you, Dale and Grace.
    Lovingly, Zara Ellis

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